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"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently."
― Henry Ford

The most important thing I look for in an early stage company?  Passion, ambition and the how the product can expand. 

The hardest thing for early stage startups is understanding that failures are learning opportunities and only those who can move forward and embrace it will succeed.


My "superpower" is listening and being honest with feedback.


Outside of work, I'm an avid San Jose Sharks hockey fan.  One season, I went to 38 out of 41 home games without having season passes!


As the company’s Director of Human Resources, Connie oversees all facets of human resources and office administration.


Prior to joining YMVSV, Connie has enjoyed building up several high-tech startups. While being a strategic partner to management, she has been able to heavily contribute to strategic overviews, shape cultures and build the human resources role into a place of trust and confidence.

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