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Anju Mori is an associate at Yamaha Motor Ventures (YMV), where she is responsible for promoting the relationship between BUs and portfolio companies. 

Prior to YMV, she used to work as a Sales Representative for industrial robots in Japan. She primarily worked with clients in the automotive, electronics, and food industries, where she specialized in proposing solutions for factory automation. After conducting business activities in Japan, she transitioned to a sales role in the United States, where she provided support for export management and assisted in the sales activities of US distributors. 


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”It's not about quality or quantity, but rather, if there's something you truly want to do within yourself, both will inevitably rise.”

Why work at Yamaha/Yamaha Motor Ventures? What are you most excited about working in Yamaha Motor Ventures? 

Yamaha is a company that provides products that become hobbies to people, meaning it offers products that can bring happiness and satisfaction to individuals. I joined Yamaha because I wanted to work on selling pleasure boats in the North American market, but by a twist of fate, I was assigned to the robotics division in my first year. Through training, I developed an interest in factory automation and have been involved in proposing automation solutions for about five years now. Through my work, I've come to realize that there are companies in the United States dealing with advanced technologies not commonly seen or heard of in Japan, which has fueled my curiosity. Wanting to work at YMV to support portfolio companies while enhancing the technical capabilities of the division, I expressed my desire and now work at YMV. 

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